Ester Hartholt: The diary of Rebecca

 18,99 incl. BTW

Witch-hunt becomes a personal story

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‘The diary of Rebecca’ will take you on a journey with the narrator. She receives a very old tattered diary written by an eleven-year-old girl called Rebecca in Salem Massachusetts, 1692, the same year of witch trials and executions. With help from her old history teacher, the narrator investigates that era in time. What happened in that little village more than 300 years ago? The writings of a young girl rediscovered.

…and also the writer describes parts of the city of Groningen, The Netherlands and an old castle along the river Meuse in Belgium.

This book is written for both adults and young adults.

ISBN: 9789464502855
Auteur: Ester Hartholt
Titel: The diary of Rebecca
Druk: 1
Totaal verkocht: 7
Uitgever: Boekscout