Dirk Bolt: Of Towns And Countries: journey of an architect (Hardcover)

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Autobiography and Memoir of a former ‘Groninger’

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Autobiography and Memoir of a former Groninger

OF TOWNS AND COUNTRIES presents a rare insight into seven decades of global change. The book is a mini-history of the period from post-World War II recovery to the recent warning by the United Nations of an existential threat from climate change.

Adventures and dangers
This change is told through the eyes of an architect and his family. Born in Holland, he travels to Australia, where he wins many design awards. In 1970, he joins the UN. The family moves often, encounter adventures and face life-threatening dangers. He battles with problems that seem endemic to international development.

Responding to climate change
When he finds links between development and what makes the clock of climate change tick, he focuses on the role of urbanisation. The book follows his increasing sense of alarm and the evolution of his response. Teaching at universities, he develops a new approach to the creation of ‘future-proof’ cities. Readers wishing to follow up on this can find more detail in the two appendices.

Reality and fiction
The chapters of the book are memory-based and supplemented by illustrations. They tell a fascinating tale of life on three continents and the Pacific Ocean. By contrast, the prologue and epilogue embellish reality with elements of fiction. The prologue starts the book in the past, and in Iceland the epilogue takes it to a surprising end.

ISBN 9781528984591

Hardcover, 420 pagina’s


ISBN: 9781528984591
Auteur: Dirk Bolt
Titel: Of Towns and Countries
Druk: 1
Jaar van uitgave: 2020
Soort uitgave: Hardcover
Totaal verkocht: 3
Uitgever: Austin Macauley Publishers