Roland Wildberg: A Passion for Shipbuilding

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A dazzling company celebrates its anniversary: the Meyer Werft shipyard was founded 225 years ago in Papenburg, on the Ems river. It has been family-owned ever since – and one of the most successful in the world in its current métier: building modern cruise ships. ‘A passion for ships’ looks back on the fascinating history of the shipyard which, in total, has built more than 700 ships. It introduces the people who work put the mammoth ships on the water and who continuously innovate with their breathtaking ideas. The highly complex and fascinating world of shipbuilding is looked at through a wide range of lenses, accompanied by impressive photos and demonstrative graphics. And not least the focus is on the future of more environmentally friendly cruises, which Meyer Werft has been working on more intensively than any other shipbuilder in the world.

A total of 228 pages with 255 photos and graphics as well as a timeline and complete list of all the ships built.

isbn: 9783937596716
Hardcover, Engelstalig.

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